About Jesse Taylor


Jesse Taylors song ‘I Found My Way’ has been used for Hollywood film ‘What They Had’. Oscar winning Hilary Swank, Michael Shannon, Blythe Danner, and Robert Forster.

Jesse Taylor is an indie folk artist from East Coast Australia. Jesse’s music is inspired by coastal travels, adventures, and surfing.

Jesse Taylor has currently released two EP’s which have soared across the internet getting heard by millions of ears all around the world on different platforms. The EP’s he has released include I Found My Way with such songs as (Make Our Stand, Wait Here, I Found My Way, and Untold) and Coastline which include songs (Mountains, Coastline, Run Run Runaway, I Don’t Feel It Anymore, and Take You Away).

Jesse’s will be playing major festivals such as Sea ‘N Sound, Nimbin Roots Festivals, and is planning on playing more through 2018. He is also planning on releasing new music and doing an extensive East Coast Australian Tour. Jesse’s music connects with intimate crowds, but don’t be fooled as his live shows can have a massive impact with kick drum, tambourines, lead, and bass guitar for bigger crowds.

He hopes to see you at his future shows and thanks you for listening to his music. Connect with Jesse Taylor on his Facebook page to see updated information.
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